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Partially no sound

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    Hello support!

    I have a new notebook with Windows 8 installed.

    During a game I can hear my own moves but the moves of my opponent only partially. There is sound when he is taking a piece and when castling but not for normal moves.

    Do you have a solution how to enable sounds for all moves?

    Thanks for help!


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    Still very often no sound  and no help in sight.

    Comment from Chess.com support:

    "Change your browser."

    Well, I have the latest Windows 8 64-bit. And with IE I use the mostly used browser, why should I change?

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    Because IE is an inferior and unsafe browser. Try using Firefox, you can make it look like IE so it won't appear to be very different from using IE. Chrome is also better and easy to use. At any rate try using another browser just for this site, which works best with FF or Chrome not IE.  I keep all 3 on my PC but only use IE for Windows Updates (that's all the updates work with). 


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