PGN file help


Download this and it will solve all your problems.>>>

trademarks1419 wrote:

It seems everybody is enjoying the benefit of using PGN file format but me. I have windows vista and use firefoz browser. I am not sure if these are the reasons I can open the PGN file. I need tech support. I downloaded Paretolic file cure but it didn't help and to register, I have to pay $30. HELP!!!

What are you using to open the pgn files with? Have you tried WordPad if you're just viewing them?


@zxb: I will try to download that. Thanks

@ Kohai: I don't use word pad, because after I download the PGN file, and try open the file, a small window pops up telling me it won't open unless I have the Paretologic file cure. And if I download the Paretologic and scan my pc, it will later ask me to register, which means I have to pay to be able to access the PGN file, and use the editor.

Thanks for the response.