Premature Diamond renewal


Hey there, 


I really enjoy my Diamond Membership and I will defenetly renew it once it expires. 


I noticed that I would get a credit if I renew it earlier. Is this true?  I navigated to a new diamond membership and it show that I would only have to pay 33€ which is over 50% off. 

Would this be a full renew of one additonal year or did I get something wrong? 






I believe that the new membership counts from now. i.e. if you got a year of diamond now, it would expire in 15 November 2013. That is why it does not cost full price.


Hello Dalle. The credit you have remaining can be used to change from one premium membership plan to another so that you will only have to pay the remaining difference. If you decide to upgrade for another yearly Diamond membership now using the credit you have you will only be charged based on $99.00 USD minus the remaining credit you have so that it will be a $99.00 purchase again and your Diamond membership will go for one year from the time of making this purchase. Hope this makes sense!


Thanks for the replies!