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Problem with tabs on vote chess page.

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    For a couple of weeks now, the tabs on the vote chess page have covered up some of the board.  I have tried Firefox v13.0, Safari, and IE.  Here is a Firefox screenshot:


    Several other people have commented that they have similar problems.   I can provide additional information if necessary.


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    Same here - the problem is real and indeed very annoying. Unlike in the screenshot, for me the tabs often also cover the time remaining.

    (And btw a similar problem in online chess: If the opponent is on vacation, the displayed vacation message is covering parts of the info directly below the board too.)

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    Is that in a group vote chess or a 'fun vote chess' anyone can join?

    Can you post a link to it please so I can investigate?

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    I don't know if a link is really helpful because the phenomenon suddenly appeared in every vote chess game for me (about 12 or so) a few weeks ago - not only in new ones. 

    Still here is an example of a vc game that is on since quite a while now and where I had no graphics issues since a few weeks ago:


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    It is in all of my vote chess games - I am playing about 20.  Like Bubatz said, it stated several weeks ago in all games simultaneously.  I have tried 3 browsers (Firefox, IE, and Safari), and three different machines.  I just checked and it even happens when I access chess.com from my ipad using safari!  So that is at least 3 different operating systems: XP, windows 7 (at work), and the ipad OS.

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    To answer your question, those are all group vote chess games.

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    I can confirm that the link Bubatz posted manifests the problem for me. (and that is also a game in which I am playing currently).

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    Here is an example of an online game where the vacation message covers the information at the bottom of the board:

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    I don't see this problem in ie9.

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    I am actually in that very same game that Mistermax and Bubatz provided the link for, and everything looks fine to me.  I haven't actually seen this issue in any of my vote chess games.  Undecided  I'm on my laptop running Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 and Firefox 13.0.1.

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    I'm on Firefox 13.0.1 and win7. My screen resolution is 1600*900.

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    My screen is at 1280x600, so I don't think that's the issue either.  Maybe it's a Windows 7 thing?  Nope, Mistermax says he get's it on other systems too.  I don't know.  Undecided

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    Staff ... any news?

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    This now appears to be fixed!  Can other folks please check to see if they still have the problem?

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    Fixed! Thanks a bunch, chess.com people! Cool

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    Programming team did that one :)


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