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Question regarding Fair-Play-Policy

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    Hey, I got two questions:

    1) Are the FP rules really enforced in unrated matches with people on ones friend list? I really don't care if a mate of mine quits preemptively (and I think this stays true for everybody).

    2) Can you please change the "stall to make opponents wait unnecessarily"-rule? That's really random. Resigning is a big step to take, that's not something one just does. If I see a grand sacrifice, play it, my opponent with 3 minutes on the clock thinks for 1.5 minutes and then resigns.. I really don't want to see "XX may have violated our fairplay rules; they may have their account restricted" on the screen. That's just really really random.


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    I just got restricted for what I don't know! I resigned one game out of maybe 10 or so yesterday. Surely that's not enough is it?

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    Yeah it's still active in unrated games. Maybe have bigger time controls to stop the chanches of happening a little.


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