"Connection Interrupted"

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    I am having the same problems ever since they overhauled their IPad app.
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    I am having the problem now.  the server is extremely slow and connection kept getting interrupted

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    I have encountered this problem frequently, and i lost a lot of rating points this way.  I wonder if i get a premium membership this problem will go away, otherwise it is not worth it. 

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    i got a premium membership yesterday, and my connection to chess.com kepts getting interrupted.  Maybe its my connection but i tried playing at playchess.com and i dont have a similar problem.  

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    I'm using google chrome on my laptop, but still facing the "connection interrupted" problem.... What to do? Please help..

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    I am having same problem. It has become very difficult to complete the game. "Connection Interrupted..connecting" error comes 3-4 times during 10m game. 

    I am using Crome (Version 47.0.2526.80 m) in windows 10 pro.  

    chess.com is the best wbsite to play chess online. It feels sad to see such a problem  coming consistantly. If possible please do something. 

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    Just to mentioned that I have gone throguh this thread from the begining and tried all the options mentioned earlier by the Staff. Somehow the problem is still there. 

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    A freind told me that it's not an actual connection problem, but that it is software that mimicks loss of connectivity. It is run by the oponent to help them win the game by preventing you from completing!

    Apparently, there is not much that we can do about it!

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    Not all players do it. It happens with everyone I play with. There is some issue with Wbsite. It work fine on mobile, problem is with PC website. 

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    I am a newbie to the site and I am getting the connection interrupted issue.  It only ever happens when my opponent is losing, and I have no connection problems with any other website.

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    This is still happening and there is no point in anyone wasting their time on Chess.com as long as they allow it to continue.  It is a well documented and highly reported issue.

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    I'm having the same damn problem and I use Firefox for Ubuntu. It also happens most often when I am winning. Now if I didn't know any better, I'd say you bastards were trying to sabotage me.

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    And I just lost another game because of this. You guys had better fix this, or else!

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    I want those fucking points I lost back, too. Cheating sons of bitches.

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    This is the second time today that my connection has been randomly interrupted. I notice it often happens when I am about to win! You bastards are probably doing it on purpose! I want those fucking points back right God damn NOW!!!!

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    Jamesconrad, you won't get the points back, just like I won't get all the points I've been losing lately because this mobile app is a pile of shit. #1 chess site my ass.

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