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Random Friends

  • #1

    Why do some seemingly random people ask to become "friends" here on Chess.com  ?  I get requests for friend status from people who I have never met or played a game with.  Just wondering what the motivation is for some people to ask to be a "friend' when there is no prior connection. 

  • #2

    Try to guess first - then I will reveal the secret :)

  • #3

    because I am so good looking?

  • #4

    Because friends are AWESOME !

  • #5

    :D also possible but I think the reason is that they want to play again with you :) (friends looks different in game-search)

  • #6

    nope. these are folks popping out of the woodwork asking to be a friend.  Just wondering why or if that is common on Chess.com.

  • #7

    Damnit :D however I did reveal THE secret. THE secret is that I read too quickly ;)


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