script slows down IE


When I open pages at, I get a message saying (in effect)"A script on this page causes Internet Explorer to run slowly. Do you wish to abort the script? If not, it may cause IE to become unresponsive". I found out that aborting the script means the pieces on the board (in the games page) does not load. Not aborting the script stalls IE (sometimes). It's frustrating. Is it a bug? I'd appreciate some advice. Thanks a lot in advance!

D_Blackwell is generally a very slow loading site; every page.  Doesn't matter the browser unless you are using FF and disable anything that you don't want to load.  Extensions such as Greasemonkey which allow you to customize the content loaded and presentation can eliminate a lot of issues from a user's view.

May be less of an issue for paying members that don't have large numbers of ads loading, extra Flash loading, et cetera.  I'm in IT and have a 10MB connection and load time while minimal is still noticeable.

That said, there are a lot of pretty sophisticated features here, so balancing bandwidth demand, loading priorities, and such are probably an ongoing process.

It's probably a JavaScript, which can be disabled, but then you might disable a feature that you want to use.  Or, you might not notice a thing.

Lot's of options with FF that will allow you to completely control content and presentation.  Takes a little work, but you have huge power.  BTW, Opera does everything that FF does, but requires a fair bit of programming skill.


Use FireFox.

I gave up on IE ages ago.


Thanks all for the feedback. I think I'll consider Firefox...




This slowing down script is since today a problem. But last week i had never any trouble with IE. Firefox installed but the program doesn't start...


Anymore suggestions


I'm using ff3 with 20 meg wired connection (sole user) and it's been slow for me today too.