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Something strange in team match

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    Chess Empire 


    Chess Society 

    WINNER! = 9   = 7
    lastmastr (1515) United  States 1 view | view 3 misamangame (1534) Czech Republic
    veracity (1828) Indonesia 0 view | view 0 georges64 (1456) France
    Daverose0106 (1332) United States 4 view | view 0 JAFAREBELLASBOE (1329) United Kingdom
    rjframe (1191) United  States 0 view | view 0 OM63 (1336) United  States
    blueangel56 (1172) International 1 view | view 3 bennygreenfoot (1390) Canada
    nike5 (1412) United  States 3 view | view 1 Juanjo_Fernandez (1277) Peru
    Quazolia (987) Sweden 0 view | view 0 cena_warrior (1322) Indonesia

    2 games ended 1-3 and 4-0, while one is still 0-0 and the match is said to be finished! Very strange bug!


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    Weird. Don't know what to do. Maybe show the chess.com staff this.

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    Strange. Oh well. We still won!!

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    Very weird!

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    and the players are not listed in rating order.

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    I've seen this before.  When the next game is updated, the score will be corrected.  Not sure why it happens, though...

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    this is a tournament game, so I'm also not sure whether this will be counted as a win for Chess Empire or we play on. and yes, it would be nice if Staff could repair it

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    Yeah, I changed my diagnosis after looking at it.  It's really broken - I don't think the unfinished games will affect it.

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    I agree

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    What a mess.  I believe the issue will be resolved quickly by chess.com staff :-)

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    I don't believe. I hope.

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    artfizz wrote:

    and the players are not listed in rating order.

    More likely a result of rating changes post-kickoff?

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    Latest update: it´s 10-8, and after 4 days staff didn´t do anything (perhaps they´re too busy with their expensive university - introducing student grant would be a great idea)

    The 0-0 matches are still ongoing...

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    We're really sorry about this mess :(

    Recently, there were a few team matches created that got mucked up on the database. In the matches concerned, almost all of the players in them were playing 4 games instead of two.

    Thats why it shows 4 by Daverose0106 in post #1 and 3 played by others names.

    We did try really hard to get this fixed, but it just wasn't possible to do.

    I did speak with a few of the groups SA that had contacted me about this where it had affected one of their matches. I asked what they wanted to do about the match. Either to wipe the match, or play on. The response was 50/50 on that :(

    As the team matches that had been mucked up had already started, and the player numbers were anywhere between 6 and 100+  alot of games and ratings would have been affected.

    Even if we tried deleting the duplicate games, most had already started playing theirs, and it was hard to tell which was the original two and which were the duplicates.

    This error on the team matches concerned is a horrible mess and we are sorry its happened and that we couldn't fix it for you Frown

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    Ah so there were actually four games!  That explains the weird numbers. 

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    BorgQueen wrote:

    Ah so there were actually four games!  That explains the weird numbers. 

    A new format of mini-tournament / team match: cool! Wink

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    Part of the buggy mess in the team match was that 4 games were being created instead of just two. (2 duplicate games against the same player).

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    I think you can leave it. I just don't know how the result should be counted in the tournament!

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