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sore losers

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    It is my opinion that chess is a game of honor.that being said I've come across a lot of players here who have no honor.it really bothers me when I've more or less won the game and my opponent abandones the game instead or doing the honorable thing and resigning.I say lose the same way you win.sore losers suck

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    You can think what you want, so can I, but what does my being tough have to do with chess dummies not being able to accept their ass whipping like a man.if you can dish it out you should be able to take it.you must be one of the jerks who abandones a game when you are getting you bonehead cracked.

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    One other thing,its the jerks who can't take their whipping like a man who need to put their big boy pants.

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    I couldn't agree more, Atilla.  They should either resign or play it out to the end.  I've found that most sore losers are bad winners as well.  It's an all-around maturity issue.  In real life, nobody would tolerate them but the internet gives them an unending pool of new people to play with.

    I've been fortunate in that I haven't encountered someone completely walking away from a game (though I have had someone wait until the last few minutes to move).  If that happened to me, I would just open a new window and play tactics trainer until the game timed out and they lost.  Then I'd block them and go about my day.

    You shouldn't let them upset you, but there's no need to put up with that behaviour either. 

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    Just report them for unsporting conduct. If they really are deliberately being unsporting that often, they won't be able to do it for long after being reported.

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    I couldnt agree more with atilla I just got done crackin his bonehead and he took it like a real man and got his ass whipped something proper like     and not once did he complain about it     wise words from an even wiser man

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    100% right.  There are more and more everyday.  

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    If they start writing offensive things into the chat while u are winning, spam the chat with the lyrics of the infamous "Trololo" song. You can't see their mesages!

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    Lol bonehead cracked, ass whipping like a man lol. Wow. Just living the thug life on chess.com your totally gangster. This is chess not MMA.

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    These Internet tough guys are hilarious.

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    I am one. I just keep it to myself! :)

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    Lol because that is what tough guys do!!

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    @ legendary, I cracked your cranium so I understand why you are upset,lmao.Just because I use a few strong words that makes me a thug,or could it be that I'm a black man that causes you to want to label me a thug.

    I've got a label for you. CHESS DUMMY

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    I have a label for you, sir. R00D!

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    ... there's threads all the time about how awful disconnecting on an active game is- and yet we dialed every bleepn' number on the phone; and the only answer we ever got.  an automated "they may have violated fair play policy.  this incident has been noted and their account my be restricted.  we're sorry for your inconvieniance. have a good day"...

    just sayin'

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    Typical, play the race card, I had no idea you were black. I am merely commenting on your ridiculous comments. If you think beating someone at chess is giving an "ass whipping" and equivalent to "cracking your cranium" then you have some growing up to do. Your speech makes you appear like an illiterate thug wannabe, not your race. What I do understand is you berate and put people down on line to try to ellevate yourself and that is why others abandon the games, it is a small measure of revenge for your terrible personality. Chess dummy LOL are you in grade 3? Your a troll and a bully and this is the last meal you get from me.

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    the OP is bang on, really. guys that can't resign should be put in the stocks.

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    hey itchy. have u ever scrathed so hard you itched? 
    have u ever S C R I T  C H E D ? ?  ?     ?     ?             ?                 ? 

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    sometimes i wait for them to resign if it's a few obvious moves from mate. most people waste their time. it's not  a waste of my time though bc i love making ppl squirm. i love crushing people in chess w the bongcloud attack

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    Playing that attack while you're high or not is obviously clouding your reality of what has actually been happening. Smile

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