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    Imagine if he complained about three-fold repetition instead. (46,48,50)

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    This isn't the help and support you're looking for.

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    DrSpudnik wrote:
    Thanks, now I have the tune of Chitty-chitty bang bang playing to the words "blah blah shitty shitty blah blah" cirlcing my brain drain.

    And now so do I... Frown

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    Blah blah, shitty shitty blah blah

    Shitty shitty blah blah--blah blah blah

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    i know the rules

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    you know...  glass houses and all that stuff.

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    cardinal46 wrote:

    So, if you know the rules, which I doubt, what do you call when the King, who is not checked, has no legal square to move to?!

    This always confuses me, so I usually move another piece.

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    OP gives me LAWLS


    this is so full of win

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    Nice to see everyone getting on so well.

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