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I believe there should be a constant topic where a person could be able to post a question for an administrator.


For example, I would like to know if there is a convenient way for two people to get together via to play without a clock ot just to analyze over a board which allows moves to be rolled back and so on. Which current  topic should I post this under? There isn't an obvious choice. So, have a regular topic for the random question to the administrators.


Thanks for It's a nifty site.





Maybe use the help and support. It is at the bottom of the page


we do have this feature - it's called "LIVE ANALYSIS".

thanks for asking!


Dear Administrator,

I was playing a game tonight and received these comments from my opponent. I have copy and pasted them, but I am sure you can check the log to see them. This language is not a joke nor do I find it funny or take it lightly. I just wanted to let you know this happened. What should be my next steps?

[Removed by Moderator. Why subject the forum to the same abuse?]


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