Stopping the spammer

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The only real way you're going to be able to crack down on the chronic offenders is to require a credit card when registering.  And is not going to do that.

The majority of people around the world dont own credit cards. A certain percentage of world population don't even have a bank. 


Please dont discriminate poor people. Poor people would like to play chess too, they also would like to enjoy their life too.

Im sorry you took my post that way.  I wasn't discriminating.  I was pointing out a solution.

Could be going on a limb but I suspect that people with no access to credit cards, banks, money, etc..may not be accessing the internet to play chess.

Not really!


For example, a lot chinese people dont use the bank, but they use " We Chat"  to transfer money to someone else, pay the bills etc.


There are also telephone service providers that serve similar financial services ( you buy credits from retail shops then use that credits to similar financial services).




I experienced the same spammer on numerous occasions. Once per game I can handle but not 10-20 of the same per game.


The guy's still at it, nothing has been done.

Berder wrote:

The guy's still at it, nothing has been done.


Actually, a lot has been done. The vast majority of the attacks have been stopped before he posts. Some still get through but that is being worked on as well.


All I see is that I try to enjoy myself chatting over some GM games, then this guy usually shows up and ruins it.  You think you're doing something but the problem is not being solved.  You need an automated antispam filter or more mods that actually hang out in live chat and can stop him instantly, but sadly you aren't willing to do either.


I'm just a volunteer moderator. So I'm not a decision maker here; I've made some suggestions to make the current process a bit more robust but based on how it is being done, the only real way to stop it is a full-on no-chat period. That is something that I don't think the site wants to do.


The site has put in some steps to minimize it and are continuing to fine tune it. For every account he manages to post with, there are at least 3 that the system catches and prevents anything.