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Tactics Trainer and Google Chrome

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    When i'm using Google Chrome and i go to check my Tactics Performance and want to switch the time that i am viewing between 1w, 1m, 3m, 1y, and all, it won't switch. Works fine on IE. I'd like to know how to fix this. Has anyone else using Google Chrome encounted this?

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    Bittrsweet, you might clear your cached files and cookies and see if that helps. If not, you might check to see if you have any extensions in Chrome that are affecting this. If you do have extensions, try disabling them one by one and see if you can pinpoint the issue. 

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    Well, I have been able to view the different periods of time on Chrome up until recently, which adds another level of mystery.

    I cleared my cache and disabled my extensions, but to no avail. 

    Any other suggestions?

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    Are you running any extensions (click on the wrench, then Tools, then Extensions) or tool bars? (i.e. Ask.com)

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    I disabled them all. 

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    Ok, and no luck?, . . did you refresh your page? Does it work on other browsers? 

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    I would suggest trying with Internet Explorer (8 or 9) as a browser and forget (completly) about Google Chrome.


    Once in Internet get the Google Bar and use this old and standard google as a “finder”.


    Google Chrome, imitating Windiows, wants to be the only owner of everything in Internet.


    Luck and my regards

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    Yep, still no luck. It worked in Google Chrome before, but now it doesn't.

    It works in Internet Explorer though...

    I've noticed that this is happening in other sites that I use too, for example, my banking site has some drop down menus that don't open in Chrome, but work just fine in IE. Somehow, it seems my personal settings for Chrome have gotten messed up and it isn't cookie or cached file related. Does this spark any ideas?

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    What operating system are you running on your computer and what version of Chrome?  Are you receiving notices that Chrome will no longer update on your system?

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    I'm running Windows 7  and as far as i know Chrome is updating fine.

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    It's working again. I have no idea what the problem was, but (after months) it works now. Thanks for all the help


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