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Tactics Trainer Stuck

  • #1

    The Tactics Trainer seems to be stuck.  It will load the problem but when I make the first move, it identifies it as correct but will not progress any further.  I have tried using my PC, Mac, and iPad, and I get the same problem with the same result.

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    Yes. Tactics Trainer freezes after the first move I make. Please fix the problem. It went bad after you guys shut down for 30 minutes.

  • #3

    The programmers are trying to get it fixed asap

  • #4

    This is a problem for me too, and it applies to Chess Mentor and Game Explorer as well.

  • #5

    Please try in a few moments. A fix is being deployed.

  • #6

    Thanks to the staff for the quick response.

  • #7

    Yes thank you!

  • #8

    Can those of you who were experiencing problems with TT and chess mentor try now and see if its working for you?  Mine appears fixed


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