Tactics Trainer too generous ?


A couple of times today I have missed a problem, reviewed it, and then resumed training only to have the very same problem pop up again.  Even I can do well in those circumstances!  When I check the record, only the second attempt at solving has been recorded.  Look, I'm all in favor of an occasional freebie considering how irritating the TT can be, but something is wrong here.  Anyone else notice this?


This has been happening for several months (I notified the staff when it first happened to me).  Another thing that I have noticed is that when I miss a problem completely, my rating drops 21-22 points; however, when I get a problem correct, the maximum that my rating increases is 10-11 points (even when the problem rating is higher than my rating).  As a result, I don't pay any attention to the rating.


Thanks for the feedback, Woton.  Thought when it first happened I was losing my mind (again)Wink.


Seriously folks, no one else has noticed this?  I've got 3 undeserved 100% scores already this morning (and yes, that's right; I still can't get much over 1500).  Or are we all just keeping quiet hoping staff never fixes this so we can go on getting "freebies"?


I've decided that this is not an error, but a feature.  There must be a "special needs" algorithm for those of us working hard at TT, but  not bright enough to advance any other way.  Thank you Chess.com for your recognition of my earnest stupidity.  Keep those freebies coming.  It's obviously the only way for me to get points (although giving me the same problem 5 times in a row last week was a bit much).


I'm so stupid I haven't noticed the repeats, but my score has been going up and up. So thanks for poping my bubble, bubbleheads. And to think, here I thought I was finally starting to "get" chess.

I think there's a nice 100 piece puzzle in my near future.


Mr. Tactics-Trainere lives in a timeless universe in which events don't

occur sequentially so Mr. Trainere does not notice the repetitions -

either that or it is offering a draw.


I use TT unrated because I'm not that bright to begin with Tongue out so would just consider this "review" if it happened to me. heh