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do uall like my new homepage its snazzy, n

how do u email chess some1 when u dont know there web address

can some1please help me with my email it just so happens to say to me all the time 1st of all it sends n recieves but in craigslist u know the email of who has the merchandice ok i click on that n it says default mail client not set up correctly n like i want to contact some1in a buessness ( boy, i spelt that wrong) buisness it says the same thing, i wonder y i think maybe some1s might be haveing fun hacking me not with a nagging caugh or nothing but realy idky


When you joined the site, you already had an email address set up.

Log into that. Use the Compose button at the top to send an email.

Use google to locate the website of the company you want to contact, then take a look at their website for a link marked 'Contact Us'.  It'll either show you an email address to use or a phone number.