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the ratsmobile

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    a perfectly logical question,can some1 please tell me where i can find some good n posibly free clipart,


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    Moved out of Help, I see.

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    What about this is so hard to understand?

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    and stop coming on to kohai.

    it's unseemly at least.

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    yippie-yi-hoooooo thx corrijean, now 1 more question, ok in paint i have in save as folder, ok now i have clip art on page but how do u get it to chess.com plus anywhere else, n hello again mrs.kohai n im not comeing on to her shes sweet but i could not find her in a dark room plus it would help if i knew what she looked like so there put that in ur pipe n smoke it. by the way im not trying to tell any1 off either.

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    Here comes Ratnik!

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    There goes the neighborhood!

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    im serious tell me abt paint n kco send me that video again n people please tell me how to get from paint to chess.com

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    dr. spudzy that not chess

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