theme and browser extensions


I have 2 questions.


First, I turned on the dark theme, which I am 100% certain was in the Live chess, settings, boards as an on/off slider (as in it was there yesterday).  That option is no longer there.  I picked the dark theme because it is very helpful in streaming (I can chroma key out the background in OBS much easier).  The downside is it is impossible to read the chat -- black on black.  Therefore, I would like to be able to toggle dark theme off when I actually want to read something.  The toggle switch is gone, so I am stuck in dark theme.  Frankly, I prefer a good streaming experience to ability to read, but in a perfect world I could do both -- or at least toggle it.


Second, I downloaded the Firefox extension from Settings, Themes, listed at the top.  As far as I can tell, any of the settings there I fiddle with do absolutely nothing.  It this browser extension incompatible with the latest Firefox version?


If you go to settings (bottom left icon) > themes, you can select any colour background


I don't think you understand my concern at all.  There was a simple toggle switch for light theme / dark theme.  That switch is gone.


why bother with the switch just make the background a colour you can read the chat and play chess. Simple.


Okay, I am making progress here.


The themes don't have any way to set important things like chat text colors, nor does the browser extension (given that completely changed the chat a month ago to have different text colors for normal vs. titled vs. different types of subscriptions, which changed the CSS).  However, I am a programmer, so I just spent an hour looking at the HTML code so I can override lots of things with CSS in my own browser because is programmed so poorly.


But there is one huge problem I cannot solve myself: DARK MODE.  I enabled dark mode when that was still an option.  There is no way whatsoever to disable it because that toggle switch was removed.  Anyone talking about the theme settings doesn't have any clue what they are talking about and has no idea what dark mode is.  Dark mode is still in the CSS all over the site.  I am stuck in dark mode and can't disable it.


PROGRAMMERS: How do I disable dark mode?!!


Tagging a few people who may have a clue: @erik @jdcannon


If no one with a clue will read this thread, can someone with half a clue at least tell me how to get in contact with someone who has a clue?


The dark mode problem has been resolved.


The browser extension seems very limited in what it can modify, so I removed it.  I can directly work with the CSS locally though, so I am doing that instead.