Tournament Pool System



             I already wrote this on tournament section but there was no response, so I am writing it here.

             I was wondering how the Arena Blitz Tournament pool system works. When ever I want to join a 3/0 Blitz tournament I only see players between 500-2100 ratings range. , so where are the other players? how does the system decides for player pools.

             if a 500 rating player can join a tournament with 2100 rating players,how come I can not join a tournament with 2500-3000 rating players. 

           Also I am a free member and usually I don't see much premium members in tournaments that I joined. is this also a thing?

          I already read ' how the live tournament works ' guide but couldn't find a info about it. 

          Could you please enlighten about tournament system.

          Thanks in advance.



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           Thanks Martin for your reply but as I stated in my post  I already read that guide and in that guide there is nothing about pool system.

           It's only describes pairing,points system and other stuff.

          I was talking about the pool system.


The link I provided in you other topic (the link I posted here) was specifically about how Arena tournaments work with the basics on how the parings are handled.


I also provided a possible answer to your other question.


I missed your question about premium members. What you are seeing is just a fact that there are more free members than there are premium ones.



             Hello Martin,   

             Thanks for your efforts really much appreciated, I think I can not explain my self because of my terrible english, now I'll try my best. 

            First I already read this guide,


            like you said in your post it only describes basics.

            Now what I wonder is ; when I join a 3/0 Arena Blitz Tournament through this interface, 


             I see only 500-2000 rated players, Lets say 300 players joined to tournament the ratings range usually at between 500-2000 rating points.

            I thought that I always plays with these guys because of my rating, I tought system automatically put me in this pool of players because I am with in that range. If I was 2500 rated player system would automatically put me between 2500-3000 rated players pool .

            So I thought that there are several 3/0 Blitz Arena Tournament running in same time with different range of player pools.

             Becasue I thought othervise would be very illogical,  you know there are total 26,951,143  members, over 100,000 online each day, yet I play against same 300 players between 500-2000 rating range every time. 

           so I was wondering how this system works actually ,as you can see in that guide picture above there is nothing about this subject. 

          and for the premium member thing I meant the same logic above, if I was premium member I would be in a pool with other premium members.

         so is my logic true? is this how system works?  or not? is this 3/0 Blitz Arena Tournament all we got no matter what my rating is? are there only 300 players compete against each other and all of them in 500-2000 rating range?

        This system I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me much appreciated.

        Have a nice day.


That really isn't the best place to see the details of the tourneys. The best place in from withing Live itself and the Tournaments tab. That way you can see if there are any rating restrictions. I don't think the Arena tourneys have a rating limit, though I could be wrong.


There are a lot of tourneys running all the time and players will choose different events to play in.  It is possible that very few 2000+ rated players are on when you are and joining those specific tourneys.