Tournament Standings


Check this out (a tnmt I organized)

In Group 1 it doesn't show anyone advancing to Rd 2, although the winner is still shown as "active" and not "eliminated" did just forget to put the green "advance" arrow next to his name?

In Group 5 two players advance according to the pairings but the #2 player is shown as eliminated when you click on his name. In this case I guess "forgot" to remove the arrow next to his name (indicating he advances to rd 2) although it's unclear to me why the arrow was ever put there to begin with.

THANKS in advance for any help here, I tried looking this up in Help & Support and found the basic tnmt rules but not anyting about missing (or erroneous) "advance" arrows.


There doesn't seem to be any real error here except for 1 visual one.

The system is made the way that all games in a group must be finished before it knows who advances. Since there is still 1 ongoing game the winner in group 1 has not been declared yet, even though the last game will not make a difference to which player advance.

In group 5 there is 1 visual error made. Only the winner in the group will advance and therefor the #2 player is eliminated. The arrow and yellow background in the pairings should not be there. I'm not sure why this error was made, but I'm quite sure he won't advance to the next round since he is eliminated.