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    I was kicked from Live Chess, didn't even get a point from wining a game.. and was forced to quit in what would rather be a good game....??? what the heck?? i only posted that my previous opponent was clearly defeated but instead he is letting his time to finish (20 miutes at the mininmum)

    then he resigned i didnt even get a point.. i moved on, played again.. then suddenly i was kicked from the whole Live Chess????

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    3 forums today and you only been here for 4 days.

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    @Kirisato_Sei, were you kicked from the game or did you lose connection to live chess? If you lost connection, what browser and operating system were you using at the time? Did you have any other programs running in the background?

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    @ kco  ...sorry.... i was just really upset.. and i've been here for a long time.. my account MartelSurop was accidentally "deleted" by my brother...

    this is the first time it happened to me.. and i was playing here for almost 3 or 4 years?.. :(((


    @jac1yn.. no.. it was clearly said "you have been kicked by an admin" in the middle of the match then when i tried entering LiveChess it says.. "You have been kicked from LiveChess"... that's what happened..

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    The only reason you would have been kicked is for using foul language. 

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    well.. i dont think it was that "foul".. i never even use any vulgar words... is there any way i can play again??


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