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unfriendly chat

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    After finishing a game with a member "*****"  sent the followin: " (deleted by mod)". What is the procedure for reporting such trash.

    I do not know this person and I am sure you do not alow such trash. Win or loose this should be a friendly site between people who enjoy the game. I see nothing wrong with a little bantter between friends but this goes way over the line from a stranger

    Submit a ticket in such cases. Mod.


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    i agree

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    Give him my dad's address. Wink

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    That is unreal, hopefully that was someone attempting humor, but that is crossing the line. Can you get them booted?
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    If you have to ask then you should just stop playing chess now
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    ghostrider25 wrote:

    craigsteed is sending bulshit

    he should stop play chess

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    ghostrider25 I have no idea what u r writing about. you are def. not the person I am refering to. I have enjoyed our games and u have not sent anything that is even close to being wrong. as of a matter of fact I don't thick we've chatted anything other than good game or hello type stuff???????????  

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