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Unrated and Rated Live Chess question

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    Hi, I'm new to the site, and I've been playing mostly 'unrated' games of live chess. But the last two games, I've created a new game with 'unrated' selected, and I have ended up in a rated game.

    In the chat on the right, the game shows up as unrated (15 0 unrated, etc), but the Elo score by my name is my 'rated' score, and the game counts towards my 'standard' games-- I'm now 3-0 in rated games, but two of those were from when I thought I was playing unrated. My unrated Elo is 875 and my rated is 1305 (though they don't seem to change when I win or lose anymore)

    I'd appreciate an explanation or a way to fix it. I'm using Internet Explorer 8, if it helps (not my computer or there'd be a better browser installed :P)

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    You don't have different ratings for rated and unrated games, if thats what you mean. You only have different ratings based on the time of the game (bullet, blitz and standard).

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    I see, so because the last two games were 15min instead of 10min, it was considered a standard, and because I selected unrated it didn't change my score when I won? Alright, thanks for the information :)

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