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unwelcomed tournements and rating

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    I did  already read you in order to complain about  tournements, that I am  recently obliged to follow, even if I am  not interested to, and that stop me  to play chess.Yesterday I sent my last complaint and ...what happened?!? No answer, no explications ...but, I fund with my  big disappointment, that my  rating, just in the same moment when I sent my complaint, was reduced from  1192 to 905!!!!!!!!!! It appears  that I played  with a (certain) mr Nitinjakka (?!?!?) but I didn't play ANY GAME with ANYBODY !!

    Anywhere, I was already angry before, You can imagine how I am now.

    I ask You please to explain me what happens, if this tournements will continue, if my rating will be changesd or not  and, if You think it is all right,  tell me, so that I leave chess.com for an other link.

    Thank You

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    You need to contact the staff directly via Help & Support


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