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    Hey can anyone help me??!!


    I have been watching a lot of Video lessons here on chess.com and enjoying them a lot. But many of them, perhaps as much as 50%, especially the older ones just wont play - they perpetually attempt to load but never do. Why is this? There is one in particular I really want to watch relating to the scotch gambit called "underated oppenings part 1" - oddly I can get part two but not part 1.


    I'm frustrated, really want to see this as this is actually my main oppening and would like to see what the GM can add to my own knowledge - I bet it would be well worthwhile. Whats going on and what can I do????

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    might want to try help and support directly.

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    You could try a different browser. Which one are you using?

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    Yea I will go to help and support, thanks for the link there trigs. Am using Google Chrome aertfizz, but have tried with windows ex and firefox too, I think maybe some of the older videos have been moved location or something..... dont knwo if anyone else has this problem?

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    could also be a cache issue (i.e. it needs to be emptied).

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    Wow - I dont know whats going on with it. Havent been able to get anything and I've been trying for days. Today I tried again on your link artfizz and managed to get it started just for it to break down about 14 min in. The 14 min I got were excellent mind you! lol, I want the rest :(


    Do you know how I clear the cache on Chrome trigs? I may as well try that.

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    Oh its ok. I worked out how to clear the cache and I am wathcing it now. Not sure what the problem was. I did email the site yesterday, maybe they fixed it, maybe it was the cache thing. Anyway thanks guys.


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