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Website scammers and thieves ((

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    For stupid how? -RonaldJosephCote

    I gave all the data. and gave his full name and surname. But I see here amicably not only tupidder support the site but users from America do not want to see the truth. but the truth is simple money was taken away by deceit and are silent now. I'm not going to write anymore .. and ask for money back. let such people go. It's disgusting to talk to such people anymore.

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    Money wasn't taken by deceit. If you had another account and bought premium, it was clearly stated that the process auto-renewed. If you did not cancel that premium membership, then it would renew. I'm not sure why the site doesn't automatically cancel premium when members close their accounts (I'm assuming they don't since you said you had closed your other account).

    Staff has been trying to work with you and apparently can not find the transaction with the details you provided. That is why it was suggested you go to the bank instead; if they could find your details they would refund that charge.


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