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    I have little to no issues with my US 20MBS connection.  Full green bars here but somehow at the end of the game (last 17 seconds, opponent 6 seconds) it shows me win and then randomly switches, says disconnect and then says I lose???  What is this BS.  Yeah, can't wait to upgrade my membership.  At least the ICC doesn't force you to lose the game upon server issue.

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    What browser and operating system are you using?

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    Chrome +Win7 on a Intel i7 Laptop /w 12gb of RAM

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    Do you have any extensions on chrome? Any other programs running in the background?

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    No. Nothing else running. 

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    Try a cache clear (clear browsing data in Chrome).  It seems for whatever reason, your browser wasn't updating to show you your opponent had made a move. 

    Hopefully that helps a bit. 

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    @jac1yn.  He was playing so it is not an option that the browser wasn't updating.  It is more like a disconnect on his side.  However, the issue, I think, is that it fisrt showed him win and switched.  May even be a bug on chess.com side? 

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    What I was saying is that if he made a move @ 17 seconds on his clock, and his opponent had 6 seconds on his clock- but still made a move without running out of time. OPs browser wasn't updating to show the last move that his opponent made. Instead his browser continued to show the last action it received, which was count down opponents clock.

    "An object in motion stays in motion" kind of deal.

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    @jac1yn.  Before the move that presented the OP's issue his browser was updating fine because he was playing.  'The internet keeps working unless something stops it" motion stays in motion kind of a deal.  Wink

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    Never the less, disappointing that there isn't a better mechanism to handle things.  The solutions are out there, hopefully chess.com will begin to employ them at some point.  Not a big deal to lose a game, though for a pazer like me who had a win against a guy 250+ above him...its frustrating.


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