Where did the live 2/1 tournaments go for l200 and under and l200 to l500?


That is the main reason I joined this site and became A GOLD member.


And where are the 3/0 and l/0 tournaments?



There are still some of the regular tournaments but most of them have been replaced with the Arena format events in those time controls.


There aren't as many Swiss style blitz tourneys as there used to be, not nearly as many, and it's only a computer program which runs them, so why can't they give members what we want?  Nobody likes the arena format, it's like a Trump presidency; it seems to go on long past any pleasure you might take in it or any use you might have for it.  Swiss blitz is why I pay for membership instead of just play here free, and I'm not getting my money's worth anymore.


Great comments Heavenly, maybe we should run for prez and vice prez on the platform, Swiss blitz for all happy.png