How is OTB Chess Near you?


Curious, how is OTB chess near you?

UnusualBirds wrote:

Curious, how is OTB chess near you?

Have a local Chess club and I run a US Chess affiliate with at least a couple events a year in my town. There is a kids club at the local library once a month (most months) and a teen club a couple times a month I believe.

There's a larger club about an hour away that holds some events and I help run a couple events a year there.


Lots of options on Houston! Both for kids and adults


Doesn't exist



I live in the back woods of New Brunswick, one of the least developed parts of Canada. The nearest "big city" is 6,000 people.


There is a lot of chess tournaments near me.I am about 1 and a half away from Cleveland a pretty big city and about 40~ mins away from Pittsburg which is another big city in I have have plenty of tournaments to go to a chess club near me and they are very nice I even met a I’m at a tournament once I am thinking of getting a chess coach soon


I live in West Orange, NJ and the area is doing quite well in OTB and afterschool programs for kids.


Pretty good.

There is a local chess club that I am a member of that has casual game nights once a week within walking distance from where I live.

There are chess tables set up at the Helsinki Central Library called Oodi and it is pretty easy to find opponents for casual games there.

Also the Helsinki Chess Arena run by the Finnish Chess Federation is reachable by public transport in like 45 minutes. There are rated tournaments held there.

There are also chess evenings at some bars in Helsinki once a week with casual games and so on...

So can't really complain, although I wish there were more chess tables at parks for casual games outdoors during summer time (right now it's around -10 C with plenty of snow).