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502 Bad Gateway errors today

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    Anything wrong with live today? I'm getting 502 Bad Gateway errors, although the live homepage shows people online...just curious...

     on FF3 btw.

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    even for me i cant enter d  live chess
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    How i can leave this "club"?..............cant go to play...
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    just use this as a time to learn. read articles, view forums.. try tactics trainer and chess mentor. they will surly fix this problem.
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    Im getting them as well, I can't get into live chess at all.


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    Yes, the Live Chess was experiencing some down time earlier but it should be fixed and you should be able to login now.
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    The site was inaccessible for a few hours today. How widespread was the lockout?

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    yeah, I couldn't access the site at all for several hours this morning.

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    Just back online now, gone for most of the day.

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    I had a complete site lock out for about 3 hours today!

  • #11

    Same with me... Even I got locked out for quite some time. I was really worriedFrown

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    I got them for about an half hour this morning from about... 6:50ish am to 7:20ish am. I am glad I can now access the site :)

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    artfizz wrote:

    The site was inaccessible for a few hours today. How widespread was the lockout?

     I could not get into site for 2-3 hours this morning.  Thought I might be banned for bad play contaminating the site.

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    i had the same problem..mm, was it maybe related to the google black out?


  • #15

    I was locked out from 9-10 Eastern. Tried again at 11 and got in.

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    I had many lost record because i've always disconnected in livechess while playing today T_T

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    I'm just glad the site is back up.

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  • #19

    I was scared

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    yeah i said the same thing in the other forum and this is what I got from erik:

    24th February 2009, 04:05pm#41
    by kco
    Perth Australia Member Since: Jun 2008
    Member Points: 3435
    well I couldn't get back into chess.com last night and I am keep getting this message "502 bad gateway" did you get the same message too? Does it mean anything ?

    24th February 2009, 04:13pm
    by erik
    Mountain View, CA United States
    Member Since: May 2007
    Member Points: 7966

    uh oh!! if it says 502 error then that means your computer will blowup in 502 hours!!!


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