And They Say There Are No Chess Bots Being Used Here...


I'm getting fed up with playing players that cause me lag during the entire game and now, without a doubt, I know they're using cheat bots, in the 'Live Chess' sessions!  Found the proof that I've always been looking for, below!


yeeeeees fix this !!!!!!!!!!!!Yell


The staff members very rarely get around here. You should go to to complain.


This wouldn't be causing lag. That's got nothing to do with whether it's a chess engine, a person or a monkey playing the moves, it's all to do with the performance of the network between your and your opponent's computers.

Although this is proof that someone could be using a chess engine even in bullet chess, it doesn't mean that any particular person is. It says nothing about how widespread this is or how likely any given opponent is doing this.

As whirlwind2011 said in your other thread, if you think someone is cheating, please report them via This particular form of cheating is easily verified with the tools that are available to support staff.


I've already taken the necessary steps, to have this issue, remedied.

Thank you, whirlwind2011!

PossibleOatmeal is well aware of that type of bot (that video is from 2012) and has measures in place to detect it.







One and a half year old video of a cheat and lots of whining..? I agree on that that some improvements could be made to the site but I find it hard to see your point of the messages.. 


the fact it still goes on everywhere and neither side can be honest about it admins whining people whining  people acting like there is no evidence  people could just be more open to actually discuss instead of cross points on the subject  and just be real about the issue  this was my comment on the first youtube video was going to post it here to but at the same time yall want to act like every subject is banned and engage in intellectualized battles and debate instead of discuss and make members feel welcome here you want to bully them into silence  the point was you want to act like its not going on still and silence anyone quickly and make them feel a certain way as if they shouldn't have spoken up  poor communication and admin skills  make people feel welcome as opposed to the opposite actually have a heart in the matter for your members not just a mind that feels its intellectually superior  


as opposed to essentialy saying just shut your mouth and report them thats the way this thread came across 

yall could have been like this is an issue we are always working on report them we will do our best if we find you have been cheated to do a review /investigation and refund your points please bear with us as this is difficult to catch everyone all the time but we do get to each person and close their accounts you can feel assured we care about our members and keeping chess fair and clean etc show that you actualy care about your members instead of saying they are whining your nothing without your members nm fm gm get paid to engage not the other way around for many and the ad revenue would evaporate without members here if people feel like the small non premium members are not cared about or welcome here they will not become premium there are other sites that have premium perks for free not to mention other places to play this is by no means a monopoly like facebook is or something like that 


here is the comment refrenced in the first youtube video >>>dont worry about cheaters to much as they make better practice than player your rank you might see some things you've never seen before and learn although it can be pretty frustrating your better off from the experience they are worse off not just in chess but in life as well if that is there character in chess its the same in their life


it's just terble cheaters prosper in the real world


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