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Anyone else having problem with lags in bullet games?

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    So as those who play bullet know, time is of the essence. If I have 6 seconds left and my opponent has 0.9 seconds left, I expect to win within two or three moves, even if he uses pre-moves. So I do what I can to burn his time, queen to the pawns around the king, you name it.

    So its quite strange that his time goes from under 1 second to over 1 second after 6-7 moves, even with most of those moves not pre-moves and I go from over 5 seconds to lose on time?


    I mean, in bullet time needs to be shown correctly at all times. I have no lag, if the other guy has lag, nothing can be done?

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    Right.Nothing can be done.  =(  AND IT"S SO UNFAIR…I do ont know why I am still playing bullet


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