Bullet Rating vs Online rating



lol, good point.


And worse, I just lost to a 1069 Cry I wasn't exactly trying but neither was he.


I admit I haven't played a lot of people rated 1200, so it was a guess. I think it is much harder to get a high bullet rating than a high online rating. I'm rated about 1500 bullet and about 2050 in online chess and both rating's is quite accurate I believe. If I look at my bullet opponents rated about the same it is not uncommon that they are rated about 1800 in online chess.

eJaguar napsal:

I can see that most players (including me) may have wide difference between their Bullet and Online rating. But in one Bullet game, I beaten one player at my rating (~1000). He made too many obvious blunders and i won easily. Amazingly, when I looked at his online rating it was 2000+ !! Can this be ??? And how? Or is this a strong indication of online chess cheating?

Intersetingly, the player's Online game history is 26 games all won!! 

Well, I am "guilty", too. My bullet rating is about 1400 (and I have improved a lot for it used to be about 1000 for a long time). My standard online rating is about 2050 (Chess960 about 1850) and what is even worse - my Live Chess Standard is about 2150 (I played most of my games against the Chess.com computer-IMPOSSIBLE which is an online anti-cheat detectorLaughing).


I think it is not possible to compare live and online games for we can use a lot of tools (books, databases, analysis board) when it comes to the latter one. But how is it possible the difference between my live standard and bullet ratings is about 750 points? Why do I make so much more mistakes in bullet than in standard? I believe there are five reasons:

  • I am not a good player and I need a lot of time to recognize patterns,
  • when I play bullet chess I tend to "ignore" my opponent`s moves. All I want to do is to attack and win and I fail to notice many (often obvious) threats,
  • when I make a bad move I usually see it even before my opponent`s response. And even when my move is an inaccuracy or a small mistake I am upset, I can`t stop thinking of it and I do not concentrate any more which means that such a bad move is usually followed by even worse ones,
  • when I am to play a bullet game I am over-worried I will lose on time (and I do a lot),
  • I play bullet even when I feel too tired to make moves in my online games. 

As I have written already my bullet rating went from 1000 to 1400 over past few months. If I ever manage to get somewhere close to 1800 I will write an article How to improve in Bullet and if I get to 2000 the article will be How to make a miracle happen. Laughing