Bullet vs Blitz ratings


Why are people's Bullet ratings on average 300 points lower than their Blitz ratings??


I dont know, maybe they played some 1/0 minute games or 5/0,10/0 minutes.


It can be, the more games you play the more effect it has on your win rating (+12 for example) and more effect on your lose effect. The first games someone plays in a mode you have a high rating that is quickly brought to your true level after a few games.


I would say that the major difference is the increment. In 2|1 games, you have the problem of premoves gaining time. That means that youy could literally get down to 2 seconds, and premove the king back and forth until you have something like 35 seconds to mate with a K+Q. In a 3|0 game, you don't have that liberty because you cannot gain time back. That is just my opinion and how I personally take advantage of the increment when its so slight. Hopefully my insight is of benefit :) 

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Ok lol I have explained myself badly then...


EVERYBODY seems to have a 300 point higher blitz rating than their bullet rating.



Is this factual brah, Look at mine


In my case it's because I give away a lot of points by losing games on time in winning or drawing positions. If I have more time that is less likely to happen.


I don't believe EVERYBODY seems to have a 300 point higher blitz rating than their bullet rating. Obviously there are some speedy players who win a lot of games on time in lost positions - and they are gaining points and could easily have bullet ratings higher than their blitz ratings.


According to the chess.com player statistics the avarage Bullet and Blitz ratings are about equal: http://www.chess.com/livechess/players

lefouissimo13 wrote:

EVERYBODY seems to have a 300 point higher blitz rating than their bullet rating.

My Blitz rating is even lower that my Bullet rating. Partly because I play Blitz on my phone a lot, but mainly because I suck at Blitz.


Because you're a loser!


No you draw full crowds jacob, wtf is your problem?


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My bullet rating is higher than blitz, what is wrong with me??

simply inflationary on a level between ~1400 and ~1900 FIDE..


my bullet is 300 higher than my blitz lol


En algunas ocasiones tanta diferencia de blitz con el bullet, es que en bullet no pueden hacer trampas y en blitz si. Igual cuando ves que la resolución de ejercicios de táctica no se corresponde con el coeficiente elo del jugador.


This applies to me too. I think it's because of the increment. Losing on time is less of a factor so you have to play better to get a higher grade than with blitz.


I very recently started playing some bullet and  noticed the same thing. Most all of my bullet opponents have blitz ratings at least 200 points higher than their bullet rating and usually 300-400. The bullet pool must just be much stronger