Computer Doesn't Want Draw.

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    What is is with this obstinate Computer4-Impossible? Look at this game. By move 44 we had exhanged down to a drawn R+2P vs R+P on one side of the board, but it would not accept my draw requests, instead just shuffling its pieces around. On move 90 it finally makes a pawn move (presumably fearing a draw by 50 move rule) Still it keeps declining draw offers and shuffling pieces. on move 139 it sacks a pawn (!) presumably to avoid draw again, but I decline and take the draw by 50 move rule to moves later.

    So why is this computer so obstinate, has it been programmed to avoid draws? Very annoying.

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    I always thought Computer4-Impossible was a person's username.

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    The message seems clear: don't play computers!

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    Can you post this game?

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    The computer is programmed to play hard and make things difficult for its opponents. Sometimes that entails being extremely stubborn with draws. It may strive to avoid repetitions and the fifty-move rule, and any other circumstances that would force a draw.

    Being not human, it has no sense of what we sometimes call "sportsmanship." It does not ever think that an opponent "deserves" a draw for putting up some resistance and reaching a "drawn" position.

    In its profile, Computer4-IMPOSSIBLE announces that it will show "NO MERCY" (sic). In this, it is not striving to be annoying. Smile It does effectively teach, however, that the game is not over until the game ends. Generally, if a player wants a draw from the computer, he must prove it.

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