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conversing with annoying opponents

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    I've had my share of conversations like that. I believe that we all agree to the rules when we sit down at the board and the there are no rules requiring a person to resign a lost game. I also believe that during long games players in lost positions should resign, though. But to badger someone like this shows far less sportsmanship than not resigning - especially in bullet. I get annoyed with the following:

    1. Players who are rude in chat.

    2. Players to offer you draws when they are in clearly lost positions. Especially when they do this repeatedly.

    3. Players who do not resign and force you to mate. If I am put into a position like this and can do it I like to promote so that I only have a knight and bishop and mate that way. The chance to practice this mating pattern is always good.

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    Rude people are everywhere .. Just laugh .. It's good therapy

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    mtguy8787 wrote:
    RobertKaucher wrote:

    3. Players who do not resign and force you to mate.

    Check this turn-based game of mine out (ongoing). I have conditiona moves set for the next 100 moves -- avoiding accidental draws, so I dont have to bother with it. Will see how long he will keep going.



    Just be cautious about repeating the position three times, because you are already in twice repeated territory on the b-file (once going down the file, once coming back). Go down the b-file again and you will give your opponent a draw.

    As for the OP though, yeah I agree that the kid was very rude. Usually I just do not talk to such ones at all, in the spirit of the old proverb: "Feedest not the trolls"

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    Ha! you lied to me PracticingKid you said you were 11 (I'm 12) well maybe you lied since on your page it says 1996


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