Have I been reported???

I had a message pop up that reads;
To keep chess.com fun for everyone, please...
1. Treat others how you want to be treated. Be kind.
2. Finish every game you start. Don’t walk away.
3. Don’t get help from other players, chess programmes or engines. Opening books, databases, and explorer are allowed in daily games only.
(Click) I agree

Did someone report me for this to happen? I do play fair and by the rules!

Possibly, you get the odd sore loser but it might have been an automatic message, anyway it's clear you're not cheating (no offense lol ) so just take no notice abd enjoy your chess. ☺


soz mate but try to be more careful. are u aborting? because if u r it can flag u for rule no. 2


not an option for the year.


I have just accepted another players challenge to start a game.

One move has been played and they then went on five weeks vacation.

Is this reportable because it is very annoying?



They are wasting something they paid for. Just start another game and move on.


Yes get over it