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How can I improve at chess

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    I am rated 1138 I know it's small, can anyone tell me how I can improve at my chess I am 13 years old and started playing chess November 2012 someone please help

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    One way is to join chess.com and have fun playing chess for a few months.

    Joining a chess club at school or starting one would also be a good way.

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    The daily puzzles and tactics training drills under the "Learn" menu are helping me.  I'm improving slowly ... but improving.

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    Free video lessons from chess.com member NM aww-rats

    And check out the "Novice Nook" at Dan Heisman's website - 


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    I found those two resources very helpful when I started trying to learn chess about 6 months ago. (Before that I knew how the pieces moved, but didn't really understand the game)

    Find someone to play slow time control games with, and who will analyze games with you after they are finished. Check out the group on chess.com.


    There are a lot of opportunities for slow games. I have also made several friends through this group. Playing a game with someone, then analyzing it together after is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to learn.

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    I agree with both NM-Dale and Black_Locust comments.  Here are additional things that I've done that helped me the most - starting out with books I've read: 

    Step 1: Everyman’s Improve Your Opening Play by Chris Ward (this is an overview of your standard chess openings – d4, e4, English, etc). A book like this will help you understand the fundamentals of chess openings.

    Step 2:  An overview book on tactics called Starting Out: Chess Tactics and Checkmates, also by Chris Ward.

    Step 3 An overview of Endgames called Improve Your Endgame Play by Glenn Fear. Endgame study will free-up your game, allowing you to take less chances on unsound attacks.

    Step 4 A tactics book called Killer Chess Tactics.

    Step 5 Two opening books by Everyman, one on the Sicilian and one on Queens Gambit declined (pick the line you want to play). Books like these will allow you to improve your opening lines and reduced opening mistakes. 

    Step 6 Jeremy Silman’s Complete EndGame Course. JS is simply the best chess teacher on the planet. The way he divides the book according to your rating level is simply brilliant. Jeremy recommends that you work up to your next level, but it can't hurt to move past that level.  

    Step 7 Learning positional play with Jeremy Silman’s The Amature Mind and How to Reassess Your Chess (HTRYC). These books are eye openers on strategy, positional play and assessment. These books are not easy to digest and are designed for 1400-2100 players. Correct chess calculation and strong tactical skills are essential to strong positional play.

    Step 8 Tactics training on  or www.chess.com.  Both are excellent.   I wouldn't wait for step 8 to begin doing these excercises as NM-Dale suggests. 

    Step 9:  If you pay $99 per year, you can became a chess.com diamond member which gives you access to an enormous amount of material - videos, chess mentor, etc. 

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    Thanks guys I will try them out

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    now i am rated 1207 i have not been on for a while thats why i have not reached a  higher rating to me its a very huge progress



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