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how do I exercise the option to take or decline an en passant pawn move?

  • #1

    Help!  Livechess.com has the en passant rule but does not give you the option to take or decline a passing pawn.  zjimbo@yahoo.com

  • #2

    What are you talking about? There's nothing special about it except to make the capture when it's allowed if you choose to.  If you don't do pawn-takes-pawn, then you've declined it, right?

  • #3

    you have the option only when first presented with it. on your next move it is too late. you can either use it right then or ignore. thats it move along.

  • #4

    Just capture into the square the pawn would have been on if it moved one square forward instead of two. Must be immediately after it moves.


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