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I Hate Lag

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    Sometimes after the first few moves of a game, let's say 3, I am down to 55 seconds in a 1|0 game. All of my moves were premoves, so I don't understand how this could happen. Perhaps it has something to do with lag? It seems that this even happens when I chain my premoves.

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    Same here.

    I am losing almost all 1|0 games with the other player having 10 to 32 seconds on their clock, and mine run down to 0. Making premoves does not seem to help.

    Using latest version of Chrome browser, without extensions and removed browser files. It does not help. 

    Too bad...

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    I think it has to do with lag. Although it seems to me that I'm making my moves instantly, I'm not. I'm just seeing my opponent's move shortly after he makes it. Maybe he is making his move before my pre-move, so it's really not a pre-move at all, and I just can't see it because of lag?

    Anyway, it seems to only happen for the first few moves, so the damage usually isn't too much. I'd still like a response though. There's been sort of an awkward silence other than Godspoon's post. I guess that I need to say something controversial to get your attention. THE TIME-OUT RULE SHOULD BE ABOLISHED. I'M RIGHT AND EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD IS WRONG!!

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    I am having the same trouble; it makes nonsense out of the whole thing. I am giving up one minute tournaments.Frown

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    stop using dial up. no seriously, lag sucks.
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    ilikeflags wrote:
    stop using dial up. no seriously, lag sucks.

     Considering how much I use the internet, I definitely will after I have a job and can pay for it.

    It's likely because of my crappy connection. I consider myself lucky that I can play live at all on it.

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    wait, you ARE using dial up? this conversation is officially over.
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    Well, I am using ADSL2, connection is usually good to excellent, it still stinks!

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    ilikeflags wrote:
    wait, you ARE using dial up? this conversation is officially over.

     You think you're good, tricking me into admitting I use a dial-up connection. I was just joking. My connection speed isn't really 26.4 Kbps.

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    i have no idea what that means.
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    Goggle it?
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    i'm so afraid of the blackout. i can't bring myself to google (i assume you meant google) anything.
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    google is working fine ilikeflags.

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    pre=moves...where is that in rules of chess??

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    pre=moves...where is that in rules of chess??

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    i see what you did there.
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    @ illusionsofTal
    click on the link I have provided for you, also this pre move is to do with live chess, is just an another type of chess variant for speed chess.

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    lag cheaters!  and aliens!  and the grassy knoll! 


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