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insufficient material

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    My game was declare draw. Why? I have a rook!


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    Here's the actual link: http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=374449565

    And yes, I've seen a few of these lately... It certainly is bizarre. 

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    Here is a game drawn by insufficient material, with a Queen on the board:


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    [excuse the double post that it won't now let me delete]

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    If one player runs out of time, the result is normally a loss for that player.  However, if their opponent does not have sufficient mating material, the game is instead declared drawn.

    In the game specified, white had only a King and couldn't mate black no matter what moves were made.  So the game was declared drawn by [white's] insufficient material once black's time ran out.

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    Ah... That would be the missing information - that the defender flagged the attacker.

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    Incidentally, Chess.com doesn't use that drawing rule for correspondence chess. 

    For example, I won this horrendously lost game on time, when I was expecting to draw it when my opponent timed out: http://www.chess.com/echess/game?id=46080532 

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    Correspondence is a different playing style.  You're not racing against the clock when you have X days per move.

    I'm not certain, but I think the drawing on time is only for 'quickplay' matches or matches with Sudden Death time controls, where the clock is important.  The clock in correspondence is to ensure that there is a penalty if the game is abandoned.  I seriously doubt anyone spends an entire three days just studying one game.

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    I still hade some time left.

    So flaged is not the case

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    How much time?

    Sometimes if you have connection problems the server may be getting your moves somewhat later than you think, so you may have less time than your computer tells you...

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     I'd be happy i got a draw and not a loss for running out of time. If you had one pawn you would've lost. Too bad you were a couple moves from the mate.


    The draw, as stated, is because of white's inability to checkmate black. Even though white still has some time in his clock, the game is declared a draw due to insufficient material.


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