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IPad Chess App BUG

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    iPad chess app has the following BUG:

    At the completions of a LIVE game, a dialog box comes up with options to start a NEW game - if you CLICK the NEW GAME button, the app will issues a challenge to "Grandmaster00", and NOT a general new game. The app will then LOCK UP and need to be FORCE QUIT.

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    Thanks. We are aware of this, and actually our awesome app developers have fixed the issue, we are just waiting for approval from Apple.


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    Calamondin, Faisal,

    I have been anxiously waiting for the new release of the iPad app. I had been reporting several bugs and suggested a few improvements since I became a chess.com member several months ago.

    Do you have a list of changes/bug fixes included in this new release so that we can start enjoying it in advance?

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    No news yet???

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    Just got Mrs Genghis a new ipad mini for her birthday. She loves it. She'll be downloading this app. Has the new issue been fixed yet Calamondin?


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