Iphone chat


Lately I have noticed an annoying bug in the mobile app.  The chat bubble on live games will be x'd out and it is not because my opponent has disabled chat.  They are still able to send chats, which appear as the popup chat bubbles, but I can't chat with them.  If I click the chat feature I just get a "...not available for chat" message.  If I reboot the app it seems to fix the problem but only temporarily, as the "x" will reappear on the chat bubble very soon in the same game.  Why is this happening?


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Well that was helpful.

I have the same problem. Still haven’t figured it out😂 ;)

Unlike daily games, you can’t chat through live games in the archive. The chat session is not preserved when a live game ends.


U can chat during a game I do it all the time 🤨


No my chat just disappeared it was working fine and then it isnt showing up anymore. When i press on the white chat bubble all it shows is my clubs and friends not my active chats