Live chess etiquette


I normally play online rather than live chess (mainly as I'm even worse at chess when I don't have plenty of time to think about each move in detail), however, a few days ago I played a few blitz games.

In one game, I ended up in a situation where my opponent had checkmate against me in the next few moves. I desided to resign as I there was nothing I could do. My opponent seemed quite annoyed at this as I was a "quitter". So - does resigning break some unwritten rule/go against live ettiquette?

I could understand he would be annoyed if I just let the clock run down, but I can't see what the problem is with resigning a few moves before you are checkmated if you can see no way out of the situation, as you still get the rating points and the game is over anyway. Could somebody enlighten me?


@OP: You did not violate etiquette.


Nope. The guy was just a bit silly, personally I would be glad of the points!!


People gripe if you don't resign, and here they gripe when you do. It's all rather silly.


If resigning was unpolite, there wouldn't be a resign button, I guess...


I hate playing live, because of stupid attitude from many players.

In one 5 min blitz game I was winning, in 3-4 moves I would checkmate, he had only couple of pawns left. I was short on time but enough for a checkmate. He was playing normal, but when he saw that checkmate is coming he stopped playing. I had to wait 2-3 minutes. He even wrote GG. I wrote him just resign why are you taking up the time. Anyway, I waited, after 2-3 minutes, when he had 15-30 seconds left, he made a move, hoping that I was not watching the game, or put away my phone/tablet and he would win with this "sneaky" trick.

Lot of players are also waiting till the time runs out instead of resigning, is it because of rating? Maybe "run out of time" loss is better than resignation?


Just turn off the chat feature...permanently.


I usually don't encounter any problems.  When my opponent resigns a few moves before I checkmate them, I don't mind.  I saw the mate and I got the points!  So I agree that your opponent was just being silly.