Live Chess Time Bonus Oddity?


Loving the Live Chess thanks :) Stats and game archive are lookin good!

A question about a game i just had if i may.. I had created a seek of 3 mins + 1 (one) second bonus. I was moving fast (maybe a second or two per move) while my opponent was taking longer, maybe 10-20 seconds per move..  I thought  i would win on time when i looked at the clock and saw his clock had much more time than mine!!?

I then watched the clock as moves were made and when he made a move his clock had 20 seconds ADDED to his time! When i moved i had either nothing or 1 second added (hard to tell on short time) This happened at least 3 or 4 moves in a row that i noticed.

So i was moving really fast, he moving slow..yet he was winning on time each move more and more lol... even if i took 1 second per move he could take 20 per move and still win heh.

I asked in chat and Crux said it being lag but it sure didnt seem laggy or something that lag would do.. take time off a clock suddenly maybe but not add to it... is the game. When i was so stunned at what was happening about move 12 or so i asked for a draw so i could work out what was happening.

Any ideas? Cheers

When players are far away from the server (or the information is being slowed down some other way) bonus time is automatically given to their clocks to count for the time they missed while waiting to see what had happened.

Basically, as I understand it, it's from lag.

The time is stored locally on your computer.  If your opponent makes a move with 0:50 left, for example, their clock may seem to count down to 0:45 before you receive their move, at which point their clock seems to jump to 0:50 (without increment - with bonus time, it would jump to 0:50 + the bonus time).

So if there exists latency between the two players, you'll see what appears to be a huge bonus time - but really, your opponent moved at the time their clock resets to. 

ah thanks guys. That makes sense. It is odd there would be lag of 19 seconds mind ye. I know when i ping the server i tend to get 150-400 ping, and 500+ is highish but even then its still only half a second. Maybe there are multiple loops or other issues adding to it. Ah well cheers, it was so wierd and off putting that i thought something dodgy was happening somehow heh. Ill not worry next time ;) Cheers

It will seem exactly the same way on his end.  He'll think you are taking 20 seconds to move, when in fact you are moving instantaneously, but by the time the server transfers your move to him, 20 seconds elapsed.

 I've had it happen to me, I was behind in material, but way ahead in clock time, and would have no problem winning (my opponent had just seconds left).  But due to lag, he had plenty of time to look at the board during my turn.

currently we only have one server, and it is in Los Angeles, CA. the further away you are, the more lag you will have. in the future we will have probably 3 servers - one in california, one in UK, and one in china or something.
Have one in Australia erik, Ill run it from me back yard

how about one on the east coast? (of the US) 

I actually have a pretty stable connection without lag from the east coast so I am not sure that is the best place for another server. I like the idea of a total of 3 servers spread out equally globally. We cannot just focus on the US, our international friends need some attention also.  Smile

Pistoleer, I encountered the same problems as you did. Now I understand the cause. Well, this means you cannot trust the time.. so just focus on you game, not the opponent´s clock Tongue out