Lost internet connection in won position


Is someone else experiencing to lose internet connection while playing live game at chess.com ?

I only lose connection while playing and never else, like browsing the web and so on.

It looks like someone has some hacker tools to cut down the opponents internet connection so that he will lose the game. 

So what happened after I reconnected (disable/enable network adapter) ? 

I of course lost the game. The message said I abandoned the game.




The process of browsing the site doesn't really compare to playing Live. In the former you may get a little slower performance, a page might take longer to load. Live is real-time and the type of connections are more prone to interruption. Unlike something like video which can buffer content, or web browsing where the data can be resent with little impact, if you start dropping connections to the Live process, it will be more noticeable (unless the client thinks it is connected when it isn't, which happens sometimes).


The way the site is designed, the clients never directly communicate. All traffic is sent from the client to the server process. The server then forwards the appropriate content to the other player (moves made, chat, time updates for the clocks).  So, your connection details are not exposed to your opponent and they can't find them out unless maybe you click on a link they share to content they control.


While nothing is impossible, the likelihood is that something between you and the Live server was the cause. It could have a been an issue with the Live process itself, with chess.com's datacenter/network, with your system or network, or any of the many connections the traffic has to traverse to get between both.


Oh yes.

Had one, there was no way my opponent knew how quickly his beautiful position, was about to turn.

My friend had been laughing at me, wathing me struggle with this endgame a piece down. Then he went to the bathroom, comes back, and sees me jumping up and down, because I was going to win. He couldnt and wouldnt believe it.

But then I lost connection, before I could finsh springing my trap, and mate my opponent, despite his new queen.

My friend and I set it up ona RL board, and played through the variations. I was right, I completely had him.

(And he will never know, dammitall)


OK, thanks for responding everybody! It looks like it is a rare problem though. I have to check if there could be something else wrong with my internet connection. I just thought it was a strange thing that my computer disconnects from internet only when I am playing live chess and never else.

I cannot get back to the board to play. What can I do to play?
what is the website address for playing chess. I put in live chess ,chess.com play live chess but I keep getting this page . I also was getting disconnected while playing
enpassantgus wrote:
what is the website address for playing chess. I put in live chess ,chess.com play live chess but I keep getting this page . I also was getting disconnected while playing




Yes, is terrible lag. Does NOT depend on my internet. Lost many games as I have to spend minimum (!) 2 sec. for each move, whereof 1+ sec. is only due to lag. Very annoying. I'm trying to find another chess platform.


Well, for me the problem is not lagging. But my PC is losing internet connection during a live game. I can not browse web pages at all, the connection goes down for the entire PC. Only happens while playing live chess on chess.com. So of course I have to suspect that the problem has something to do with chess.com.