Open Swiss Tournament!


Hey everyone, I'm interested in starting a swiss tournament starting November 1st. The time would be set at 10/0. You will have 2 weeks to set up a match and play it, then the new pairings would be posted. I'm thinking that we should have 6 rounds which would last about three months. If you want to register just post, and also post if you have any ideas or questions.

If you would like to register please just join the group listed below then find the open swiss thread and register your name.


Hello Conman,

 I am interested in the tournament. But I was wandering what do you do? This will be my first tournament so I am confused. Sorry.




The plan, is for registration to close on the 1st of November, then I will post the pairings. You and your sechduled opponent will try and organize a time to meet on our live chess, and play 1 game and report the result. The goal is for this to be 6 rounds long.

For how the swiss works, read this


The plan would be for the tournament to go 6 rounds, with 2 weeks per round, so about 3 months. Which might lead us perfectly up to Live Chess 3.0.


November 1st is when Registration closes and I post the 1st round.


Yes, it doesn't matter what your rating is, because of the way the swiss works you will probably end up playing people close to your own skill level.