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Redirect to blank screen

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    Having the same problem.. what's the deal about it?

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    @shasha_op  If you're using Google Chrome try using Firefox for chess.com instead, it worked for me.  You could also try deleting your cookies, I didn't try that myself as it would be to much of a mess on redoing passwords and stuff.  Otherwise it's a known bug apparently, hopefully it'll be fixed at some point.

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    all good no more problems  try java

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    I'm still seeing this issue... wedpage seems to redirect to a "wysiwyg://" location after I complete a match, even tho the address in the address bar doesn't change. If you drop down the 'back navigation' button  to see the list of past pages, you see the new entry of the blank page. Anyway, very annoying... still broken for me. using Firefox.

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    It's started happening to me on firefox as well, is everyone experiencing the problem using an adblocker? After installing an adblocker on firefox the bug appeared again, not sure if this was just coincidence.

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    Happens to me often. If it's after a bullet game, there is no possibility to play rematches when this happens, so I sometimes use the phone app instead.


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