'Smart' Disconnects, how about on chess.com, too?



Where does that come from?


The image comes from another chess website that deals with live game disconnects in this manner (not serious competition to chess.com but even so, I hesitate to mention its name in case that's a violation of this site's Terms Of Service). 

Near as I can figure, the cutoff for instant awarding of the game result during disconnection is when Crafty figures you're >80% favoured to win (eg. your opponent's dropped a Rook or Queen or is facing checkmate in a few moves).  Kinda nice that at worst, you only need wait two minutes (handy for any international site, as connection problems can be an issue at times and connections can be restored).



2 mins is long wait when playing 3 0 or faster.  Eval function would be cool but I hesitate to lend support because some have flake internet and play from distant earth corners.  I like to play everyone everywhere, so would like people to have a chance to re-connect.  But, if my mood were different I would suggest instead a "noescape" UI choice whereby if both players have this toggled then any disconnect is instant loss.


2 minutes is the same wait no matter what time control you have.  I recently had a game where my opponent offered a draw in an even middle game.  However he was rated over 100 points lower than me so I expected there was a good change I could outplay him in the endgame.  After declining, a few moves later I was up a pawn and about to win another.  I had to wait 20 minutes for him to time out.  I think this idea of kicking someone should apply if they disconnect or not.  People reconnect and disconnect again when they want to. 

PhoenixTTD wrote:

2 minutes is the same wait no matter what time control you have.

[...]   I had to wait 20 minutes for him to time out.

Well, it seems longer when you get a new game every six minutes at the longest. Tongue Out

If he sits there without moving and using up his time there's not much you can do except note that and block him from playing you again.  The clock is the clock after all and he has the option of using all of it whenever he wants to.  Some people don't like you using all the time you have and even try to hurry you up in 5 day/move online games which is a tad ludicrous.